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Frango Cremoso

Frango Cremoso | Creamy Chicken (300g) - FITNESS


  • GB/IE Brown Rice (33,3%): Rice, Water, Olive Oil, Garlic, Onion, Himalaya Salt. Chicken Creamy (33,3%): Thigh Chicken, Garlic, Himalaya Salt, (Evaporated Milk Whole Milk, Stabiliser (Sodium Phosphates), Vitamin D, Minimum 9% Milk Fat, 22% Milk Solids not Fat). Broccoli (13,5%). Carrots (13,5%). Green Beans (6,4%). Allergens: Bold. Heating: Transfer the meal into microwave wanable container, Heat the meal into microwave in power full for 5 minutes, wait for 3 minutes and finish with another 3 minutes. Tip: The delicious smell of the food indicates that your meal is ready. Storage: Freeze at -18° on the date of purchase.

Frango Cremoso

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